JASTEK – 2Pack Multi USB Charging cable, 3.3 ft (1M) 4 in 1 Braided Multiple Charging Cable Alluminum Adapter Connector with Type C, 2x 8 Pin Lighting, Micro USB for Universal Use – Blue


I really like this charger. My old chargers had stopped fast charging over time and was excited to see my phone and tablets charge quickly again. I like it has a good amount of length as it is at 3.3 ft which gives me room to plug in my wall and plug in my phone at night and able to pick up my phone if I get a notification. It is nylon braided making it more durable than my other chargers. It is compatible with apple products 5/6/7 series and also my android Samsung Edge 6 +. It didn’t work on my sons tablet so make sure it is compatible with your devices. I received this product discounted. This is my honest and unbiased review.


#Jastek #gotitdiscounted #multiusbchargingcable


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