Foxcat Ltd. – Circo Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker For Your Children, Elders And Pets, Item Finder, Phone Finder


My son is starting Kindergarten in a few months and I like that I can put this gps device in his backpack to make sure he is always safe. I  like it has a long lasting battery which lasts up to 6 days to make sure he is safe when I drop him off at school and pick him up. It will know his “safe zones” when he is with my family or at home for more frequently visited places. It also has a button for sos in case of an emergency which is great to have. You will need a 2 G micro sim card for this gps device. It is great to use for elderly family members in case of emergency, use in your bag in case it gets stolen and even to track your pets. I received this product discounted. This is my honest and unbiased review.

#foxcatltd #gotitdiscounted #gpstracker


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