Core Resistance Zone -Resistance Band Set – Free Workout Ebook – 42 Exercises – Dramatically Improve Health, Fitness and Energy – 12 pcs with Handles, Door Anchor and Ankle Straps for Legs

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I do not always have time to go to the gym. This is a great set to get a great workout at home. Each band is a different weight which is great so you can use the weight you need with each exercise you do. Each band represents the following:

Yellow- very light 5lbs

Blue- light 10 lbs

Green- medium 20 lbs

Black- heavy 30 lbs

Red- heaviest 40 lbs

It also comes with two handles you can easily clip on the bands. Door anchor and ankle straps. It comes with an ebook to help you get started with 42 different exercises. It has a nice bag to store everything in when you are finished working out. I rate this product 5 out 5 stars in my own opinion. I received this product discounted. This is my honest and unbiased review.

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