The Wolf Moon® -Cocktail Maker Set 10 Pce Home Cocktail Making Kit with Manhattan Cocktail Shaker Bar Measures, Twisted Bar Spoon, Muddler, Mixer, Bottle Pourer, Ice Strainer & Ice Tongs


This is a great tool to have for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and parties when you are entertaining guests. This set is 10 pieces. You receive a Muddler, Twisted Bar spoon, Hawthorne Cocktail Strainer, shot measurers , 19oz Stainless Steel Manhattan Cocktail Shaker, Cocktail/Coffee Stirrers with Round head, ice tongs, and three Bottle Pourers. I think this also would make a fun gift for friends and family. This is made from stainless steel so it will not rust and is even dishwasher safe. I rate this product 5 out of 5 stars in my own opinion. I received this product discounted. This is my honest and unbiased review.

#thewolfmoon #gotitdiscounted #cocktailmakerset


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