EZON – GPS T031A01 Black Sports Outdoor Watch with Pace Speed Alarm and Calorie Counter for Men


I like to run anywhere from 5ks to half marathons and love to hike and also do track workouts. This watch tracks your workout in kilometers via GPS. First you need to locate the GPS by holding the middle right button labeled GPS. In my experience it can take anywhere from a few seconds to around 5 minutes to locate your GPS signal. The first time will take the longest to locate and the instructions suggest to be outside to do so.


Once the signal is found an audible beep will sound and the screen will say ready. When you are ready to begin your workout press the GPS button again and tracking will begin. At the top of the display you will see a stick figure that is in a running stance. As long as you see this figure GPS is running.

From the tracking screen you can press the set button located on the bottom left of the watch and it will return you to the time screen. Pressing the GPS button will return you back to the tracking screen. You can pause your workout by holding the GPS button and you will see hold to pause and you will see in bold the word pause. To start again just press the GPS button again. To turn off the GPS you will have to go through the steps of pausing the workout and once it is paused hold the GPS again and it will say hold exit GPS. The GPS will turn off and give you a summary of your workout.

You can utilize other functions. The top right button acts as stop watch. The bottom right button will show your workout summaries and stores your last ten workouts. It will also display date and time of workout. Another function you can use is sleep mode which you will hold all four corner buttons to turn off or on for about 3 seconds. The charger will clip to the underside connections on the watch to charge when not in use. This is great for someone who wants to track their workouts and track their progress. I rate this product 5 out of 5 stars. I received this product discounted. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.



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