Nanomall Outdoor Solar String Lights


My neighborhood is darker and I work mostly evenings and I like having a little lighting when I come home. These lights are absolutely beautiful and I like they are not too bright. They have the look of blown glass.

I like they are solar powered and eco friendly. They have a solar panel and also waterproof for outdoor use. The lights will last up to 8 hours once they are charged which takes 6 hours of sunlight. I like there is 8 different modes to choose from.

The length is a total of 24.6 “so you have plenty of cord to work with however you decide to use this whether you hang on your house or use to decorate a tree or bush in your yard. I personally love using them year round with the soft warm white tone. They are easy to use and have only two buttons. There is the mode button to pick which setting you prefer and also a on/off button as well.

This would look great to use for Christmas lights, family gatherings, weddings and everyday use. In my personal opinion this is a 5 star product. I received this product free. This is my honest and unbiased opinion and wrote on my freewill.


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