Weonedream men’s dress belt


My husband has to dress up well for work and needs a good quality belt to wear. He has gone through so many belts that wear out easily. I ordered this belt in black and it is made of leather and like the quality and durability of the make of this belt.


I like this belt is easy to use and can be made to fit you if you lose weight. The belt you can simply measure what you need and there is a part in the inside you can simply use a screwdriver to help lift and release the belt. You than cut off the portion you do not need and than put back where it released and than close again. I like this belt is adjustable in this way so you do not have to keep replacing a belt if you are losing weight.


The belt has a rachet system this is really neat and easy to use. You slide the belt into the buckle and pull and it will autolock. This would be a great gift and I think it is a 5 star product. I received this product discounted. I have provided my honest and unbiased review on my own free will.



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